Grill 48 Waste and Recycling Policy

Here at Grill 48 we are committed to reducing the amount of waste within our organisation. We have therefore taken the following steps to ensure we are doing as much for the environment as we can:

  • Single use plastic straws have been removed and replaced with biodegradable straws. These will only be issued on request.
  • We recycle all over our glass and recyclable plastic
  • We re-use plastic containers in the kitchen
  • We monitor our food waste and any waste is disposed of in our food waste bins
  • Used coffee and tea granules are bagged up for you to use in your garden as they are a great source of nutrients for your plants
  • We recycle our oil from our fryers
  • We have signed up to the Refill app and are now a Free Refill Station for your water bottles
  • Any food left on your plate is now available to take home through the Zero Waste Scotland Good to Go Scheme
  • We are continuously looking for ways to improve our waste management