British Heart Foundations Dine & Donate.

We all know of someone who may has a heart condition and so we are asking our customers to dig deep for the July and August. A voluntary £1 donation will be added to your bill (please feel free to donate more if you wish) and this will then be donated by Grill 48 to the BHF.

There are 670,000 people living with heart and circulatory disease in British Heart FoundationScotland. Every year around 1,064 people in Fife lose their life to this devastating disease. This means that today around 3 families will be devastated by their loved one not returning home. However with your donation we can make a difference.

£2 can help our researchers visualise faulty heart cells under the microscope, allowing them to understand more about debilitating conditions like heart failure.

£300 will pay for one day of a project to build new healthy pieces of heart. New heart tissue could be used in the future to treat hear failure.

£1000 pays for a Nation of Lifesavers CPR training kit for an entire school – hundreds of pupils and teachers have already been trained.

For further information on how your donation can help click here.