Children’s Mocktail Parties




Fun Afternoon with Friends

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Children’s Mocktail Parties are a great idea for children age 7-13. Our team welcome the children into the restaurant and take them to their own private dining area, with their choice of music. They then enjoy a glass of sparkling and either a 3 course meal or finger buffet. Each child is then given the opportunity to come behind the bar with one of our TeamG48 mixologists to make a Mocktail of their choice. Once they have made their cocktail they can chill out on the comfy sofa’s and have a relaxing afternoon, or why not add an additional activity to the party from one of our preferred partners.

Tiff and Kittys

Tiff and Kittys

Add Tif and Kittie’s Pamper Treats  to the day and make, perfume, soap or bath bombs making as party, this is a great addition and gives the children something to take home. Suitable for younger children age 5-8. Tif and Kitty Party Information

Colour Me Happy Face Painting

Let Sarah Jayne add some sparkle to your party with fantastic facepainting. Each child will have a unique design using the best paints and Sarah Jayne’s fantastic designs.

Mairi Claire Photography

Mairi Claire Photography

Add Mairi Claire Photography to take professional shots of the children while they are making their mocktails, as well as group shots for as a perfect memory of the day. 

Sew Yarn Crafty

Make the most amazing headbands or Pom Pom Pets with Sew Yarn Crafty. Great keepsake and addition to any party.


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